Hey & Salaam!

I'm Mariya,

Handlettering & Watercolour Artist, mum of 4, and certified family coach.

I started The Handlettering Studio journey as ‘an Original Art Experience’. Custom, personalised and framed art gifts for life’s big milestones.

Today, I’ve expanded my products to meet your needs…

Personalised prints, family name art, gifts for parents, grandparents & teachers, homeschool prints, an in-person Art Course and so much more!

Our shared values:


I help you raise a strong & close family, through the power of love and good feelings.


I inspire and encourage holistic health & wellbeing - mind, body, heart & soul.


The Handlettering Studio is sustainable, collaborative and socially conscious. We are change-makers.


I am grounded & empowered by the Ultimate Power - Allah. Akhirah-centric purpose is at the heart of everything I do.

Ge t   to  know me

with a magazine style quiz ♡

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be:

Homemade saalan with soft, fluffy, white rice

The best title I have is:

a. Artist
b. Entrepreneur
c. Life Coach
d. Homeschooler
e. Other:

mummy ♡

On my days off the first thing I do is:

get some natural goodness on a walk with my family

If you could meet one person dead or alive, it would be:

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Someday I want to:

go on a 2-month tour of Pakistan

My go-to outfit of choice would be:

something black or muted, and comfy!


Light up their faces

Three years ago, it was just a few paintings, today I strive to provide an unparalleled gifting experience for those you love.

I'm determined to keep improving, so that every time I get to serve you, I create something meaningful, and special.

I deliver on my promise and tall order of happiness. Because love matters ♡

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